Friday, December 12, 2014

Persona Poem

Here I go flying across the court
I get bumped, set, and spiked
I also get served, Im tossed here and there
but what I hate the most is being caught in the net
Here I go back and forth
I just landed face first on the floor
I just scored for the team
Finally, my day of hard work
is over

Nebraska's Outdoors

Nebraska's Outdoors
once you step out of your car
you won't want to step back in because
you see beautiful grasses
open land to run across
In Nebraska
you see cows and horses everywhere
beautiful skies
wonderful, grassy hills
In Nebraska
Anything with grassy, green hills and fields with cows
fields of corn
Is In Nebraska

List Poem

Middle of the U.S.
Red and White
Flat and Grassy
Favorite Food


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Concrete Poems

They make me laugh
Family, friends, music, sports
Make me happy and smile

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rhythm Poem

As I looked at the sky at night
I saw a bright light
        It was the moon
In this beautiful night of June

Extended Metaphor Poem

The moon is a nightlight
it’s light undarkens the night
Brightens the darkness
illuminates the world

Found Poem from Dr. Pausch's Last Lecture

Don’t complain
If you screw up
Preparation meets Opportunity
     Give yourself a chance
Teamwork and Sportsmanship
     You have to want it 
      Have your vision clear
            Have Fun
Show gratitude
Remember work harder it’s important

                   Never Give Up!

5 Sense Poem

Its hot, warm and wet
Summer smell like wet grass
Summer is sunny, bright, and colorful 
It has dark green grass 
That lay on every yard
and dark green leaves on tall trees

Summer sounds like cool water splashing when someone jumps in a pool
Sprinklers going off to irrigate the green grass
it also sounds like joy
joy from everyone

Summer tastes like ice cold pop
Creamy ice cream on these hot days

That is Summer!

Acrostic Poem

                                Faith in each other
                               And support each other
                               Move together physically and mentally
                                I care about my family
                                Love and care about one another

                               Youth and old create this special family

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

name poem

It means happy, fun, energetic
It is the  number 27
It is like a frosty, cool, aqua, turquoise color
It is going to the movies
It is the memory of Raquel
Who taught me friendship and honesty
When she trusts me
My name is Jackie
it means true friends stick together

Monday, November 24, 2014


I think that fear is a way to motivate you to do the impossible. Without fear I couldn’t accomplish things that I'm scared to do. In the movie Blind Sight all this kids had to have fear. Because without fear they wouldn't be able to climb a mountain while knowing they are blind. These kids accomplished something they thought was impossible, why because of there fear. Fear relates to my life like I mentioned before I wouldn't be able to do things that Im scared to do. 

Friday, November 14, 2014


What do you think when you hear the word freedom? Maybe this will help you think.
In this essay I will talk about what freedom means, phrases or words associated with freedom and ways to celebrate freedom.
What does it mean? What is freedom? Freedom is the right to do things. You can not do without it. With this independence you can go to whatever church you want, you have freedom of speech. You can vote for any president you would like. With liberty you can do so many things.
Freedom is not free it has costed this country many sacrifices. Soldiers have fought and fought for this countries freedom without these brave people you wouldn't have this liberty. Soldiers had to sacrifice their lives for this country’s freedom. Everybody should be thankful for this great act of bravery.
There are many ways to celebrate freedom. One way that many people throughout the country celebrate is Veterans Day where we honor all of the amazing soldiers that fought for our freedom and in other wars. Celebrating the Independence Day of United States is another way to celebrate freedom. Singing a song and honoring the flag. There are many ways to celebrate this freedom.
In this essay I talked about what freedom means, phrases and how to celebrate freedom. This country has survived many years because of the freedom we have fought for.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost at OHS

Have you heard him, have you seen him? What, you might be wondering……….is it a a a Ghost! People say he roams the hallways, and pranks teachers at OHS. Is it true? Of course it is, I saw him with my own two eyes.
Joshua the Prank Ghost King of OHS is what I decided to call him. Joshua is a seventeen year old guy from the fifties at least that is what I can conclude from his wardrobe. He has black short hair and wears a white t-shirt with a leather jacket. He also were jeans and red high tops. He wears sunglasses and carries a comb with him. Now, do you believe me that he is from the fifties?
Joshua likes to prank people but he’s super nice. No one can escape from his mischievous plans though if someone gets in trouble for his pranks he will laugh but he won’t let anyone take credit for his pranks. He is nice because, he is no typical scaring ghost, he doesn't scare people to death like other ghost he just tricks kids and teachers at OHS. Joshua’s favorite prey is the teachers at OHS, he’s been pranking them for centuries. He also likes to party he doesn't miss any dances at our school. Don't be scared, just be aware of Joshua the Prank Ghost King of OHS
One day during class, Joshua appeared out of nowhere he was going to prank the substitute teacher, typical thing to do to a sub. While the sub was writing on the marker board the lights went out, leaving the room dark as night. Everyone turned on their computers to make light, as the room got brighter, papers where flying everywhere around the room. No one could see Joshua because he was flying so fast around the huge room, but we all know it was him because you could see a little speck of red which were his shoes. A couple of seconds later, the lights turned on and the room was a mess. Everyone thought it was over but it wasn't, there was more to this wicked prank. To me the next part is the best part. The substitute teacher sat down on her chair next to her desk. Then someone said to call the office and tell them what just happened, as the teacher attempted to get up from her chair she couldn’t, she was glued to the comfy chair. Everyone laughed including Joshua, he had just appeared. We all gasped, then the sub was like what are you gasping about? Fact: students can see and hear Joshua, but teacher and adults cant see or hear him. After the sub was unglued from the chair, the prank Ghost King made the sub do and say all these weird things, like he made her dance awkwardly around the room and singing really weirdly in different languages. Thats an example of a prank from Joshua.
You might be wondering what Joshua does during his free time. He plays the guitar a hobby very common back in the 50’s. Yes, I did my research. He also works out at the weight room and another hobby he does is style or comb his hair, those are his main hobbies away from pranking people.
  If you ever move to OHS don't be scared, just be aware because you are probably going to be pranked. Next time you see a classmate or a teacher going crazy, their probably being pranked by Joshua the Ghost Prank King. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hogwarts Halloween Feast

Hogwarts Halloween Feast

As we walked into the great hall the first thing I saw was the pumpkins hanging from the ceiling and the bats flying everywhere. The smells of the food were delightful,…..boom the thundering sound scared the four of us as we sat down at the long table.
As we waited Harry was telling us about the first time he had been in the great hall, after a while the table was magically covered by the mouthwatering food. The first thing I started eating was the  chicken legs. I think that Harry and Ron were really digging the mashed potatoes with gravy. The mac and cheese was cheesy. The only thing you could really hear in the great hall was the munching of everyone eating, I even think it was louder than the the thundering in the hall. OMG, I think I ate everything on my enormous plate like the crispy chicken, mashed potatoes, saucy spaghetti with meatballs, and a fresh drink of mountain dew.
After a while the food disappeared unrealistically from the table and everyone was slouching on their chairs because they were so stuffed, including Harry, Hermione, Ron and I. 30 minutes later the magnificent smells of chocolate and pie occupied the room. Yum! The desserts were wonderful, the chocolate cake, cheesecakes, pumpkin pie, brownies and cookies tasted super delicious.

After we were done eating the desserts we walked out the great hall. Harry, Ron, Hermione and I were hollering out thoughts about what they might do for other holidays at Hogwarts. This was definitely the best feast I ever eaten at!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nursery Rhymes

"Jack and Jill went up the hill..."

Jack and Jill traveled up the high hill,
To catch a pail of H2O;
Jack fell down, and broke his
jeweled crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Am( personal brand video)

Three things that I learned through this project include...

1. I learned how to add music on iMovie
2. I learned how to add videos on iMovie
3. I learned how to add effects to pictures on iMovie

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

In the Dot I learned that you don't have to be an artist to make a drawing. "Just make your mark" is what I  learned from this inspiring book. Now I know that with one mark I can be creative. I also know that with believing in someone, someone can make their mark and be creative.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Unforgettable School Day

“ What? I couldn’t believe what he was saying,” I said. It was time. 
Through the intercom I heard my name followed by,…..”bring your stuff with you, your dad is here to pick you up”. I left an hour early that day, while I was walking down the big hallway thoughts were spinning in my head. 
When I got in the family’s  red car my dad sat silent, I was afraid and I didn't know what I felt. I thought something bad had happened,while we were going down the street to the hospital, my dad finally spoke up and said,”Your sister Josline is being born. That brought a big relief  to me and at the same time I was excited. I was only in first grade when my sister was born, so I asked so many questions. When my dad parked the car, I went running to the door and my brother did to;we were so  thrilled to meet my baby sister.
While we were waiting at the hospital, we did some homework and  drawing. But my dad was so nervous,and he was rubbing his hands and also you could tell he was nervous from his face. I was only in first grade and I didn't know why he was so nervous, and I was like what is wrong.  
One hour, two hours, three hours, it seemed like forever until my mom came back to her assigned room. Finally, they brought my sister in the room. She was so small and cute, I asked my mom “What she was going to name her.” She said,”Joseline (Josie for short). My mom had to stay at the hospital another day, and then she and Josie could come home. 

A New member in the family means, I need to help my mom out more and new responsibilities for the whole family.This is important to me because I have always wanted a sister. This is my story of an Unforgettable School Day.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Here is my room, once you open the door; the first thing you see is a bunk bed. I share a room with my sister. My bed is the top bed that has purple sheets and my sister’s bed has princess sheets, and she sleeps on the bottom bed. By the bed we have a teal lamp,on the little table where an alarm clock and iPod rest. To the right is my window, covered with bright curtains and the window seat is filled with pillows mostly purple and teal. On one side of the window is my sister’s closet and on the other side of the window is my closet, our closets or filled with clothes and shoes. I also keep other stuff in my closet. To the left is a shelf that contains my magazines, music player, picture frames, and wooden room decor and my sister also has her favorite toys on the shelves. 

On the window I have wall stickers of butterflies and flowers. By the bed on that wall I have a big pinkish purple tree that starts from the bottom of the wall to the top of the wall. Also by the shelf is a mirror and a dresser where I do my hair. On the other side of the shelf is a beanbag and a chair where i like to sit and talk with my sister. I am rich beyond measure.