Friday, August 29, 2014


Here is my room, once you open the door; the first thing you see is a bunk bed. I share a room with my sister. My bed is the top bed that has purple sheets and my sister’s bed has princess sheets, and she sleeps on the bottom bed. By the bed we have a teal lamp,on the little table where an alarm clock and iPod rest. To the right is my window, covered with bright curtains and the window seat is filled with pillows mostly purple and teal. On one side of the window is my sister’s closet and on the other side of the window is my closet, our closets or filled with clothes and shoes. I also keep other stuff in my closet. To the left is a shelf that contains my magazines, music player, picture frames, and wooden room decor and my sister also has her favorite toys on the shelves. 

On the window I have wall stickers of butterflies and flowers. By the bed on that wall I have a big pinkish purple tree that starts from the bottom of the wall to the top of the wall. Also by the shelf is a mirror and a dresser where I do my hair. On the other side of the shelf is a beanbag and a chair where i like to sit and talk with my sister. I am rich beyond measure.