Monday, September 29, 2014

I Am( personal brand video)

Three things that I learned through this project include...

1. I learned how to add music on iMovie
2. I learned how to add videos on iMovie
3. I learned how to add effects to pictures on iMovie

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

In the Dot I learned that you don't have to be an artist to make a drawing. "Just make your mark" is what I  learned from this inspiring book. Now I know that with one mark I can be creative. I also know that with believing in someone, someone can make their mark and be creative.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Unforgettable School Day

“ What? I couldn’t believe what he was saying,” I said. It was time. 
Through the intercom I heard my name followed by,…..”bring your stuff with you, your dad is here to pick you up”. I left an hour early that day, while I was walking down the big hallway thoughts were spinning in my head. 
When I got in the family’s  red car my dad sat silent, I was afraid and I didn't know what I felt. I thought something bad had happened,while we were going down the street to the hospital, my dad finally spoke up and said,”Your sister Josline is being born. That brought a big relief  to me and at the same time I was excited. I was only in first grade when my sister was born, so I asked so many questions. When my dad parked the car, I went running to the door and my brother did to;we were so  thrilled to meet my baby sister.
While we were waiting at the hospital, we did some homework and  drawing. But my dad was so nervous,and he was rubbing his hands and also you could tell he was nervous from his face. I was only in first grade and I didn't know why he was so nervous, and I was like what is wrong.  
One hour, two hours, three hours, it seemed like forever until my mom came back to her assigned room. Finally, they brought my sister in the room. She was so small and cute, I asked my mom “What she was going to name her.” She said,”Joseline (Josie for short). My mom had to stay at the hospital another day, and then she and Josie could come home. 

A New member in the family means, I need to help my mom out more and new responsibilities for the whole family.This is important to me because I have always wanted a sister. This is my story of an Unforgettable School Day.