Monday, November 24, 2014


I think that fear is a way to motivate you to do the impossible. Without fear I couldn’t accomplish things that I'm scared to do. In the movie Blind Sight all this kids had to have fear. Because without fear they wouldn't be able to climb a mountain while knowing they are blind. These kids accomplished something they thought was impossible, why because of there fear. Fear relates to my life like I mentioned before I wouldn't be able to do things that Im scared to do. 

Friday, November 14, 2014


What do you think when you hear the word freedom? Maybe this will help you think.
In this essay I will talk about what freedom means, phrases or words associated with freedom and ways to celebrate freedom.
What does it mean? What is freedom? Freedom is the right to do things. You can not do without it. With this independence you can go to whatever church you want, you have freedom of speech. You can vote for any president you would like. With liberty you can do so many things.
Freedom is not free it has costed this country many sacrifices. Soldiers have fought and fought for this countries freedom without these brave people you wouldn't have this liberty. Soldiers had to sacrifice their lives for this country’s freedom. Everybody should be thankful for this great act of bravery.
There are many ways to celebrate freedom. One way that many people throughout the country celebrate is Veterans Day where we honor all of the amazing soldiers that fought for our freedom and in other wars. Celebrating the Independence Day of United States is another way to celebrate freedom. Singing a song and honoring the flag. There are many ways to celebrate this freedom.
In this essay I talked about what freedom means, phrases and how to celebrate freedom. This country has survived many years because of the freedom we have fought for.