Friday, December 12, 2014

Persona Poem

Here I go flying across the court
I get bumped, set, and spiked
I also get served, Im tossed here and there
but what I hate the most is being caught in the net
Here I go back and forth
I just landed face first on the floor
I just scored for the team
Finally, my day of hard work
is over

Nebraska's Outdoors

Nebraska's Outdoors
once you step out of your car
you won't want to step back in because
you see beautiful grasses
open land to run across
In Nebraska
you see cows and horses everywhere
beautiful skies
wonderful, grassy hills
In Nebraska
Anything with grassy, green hills and fields with cows
fields of corn
Is In Nebraska

List Poem

Middle of the U.S.
Red and White
Flat and Grassy
Favorite Food


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Concrete Poems

They make me laugh
Family, friends, music, sports
Make me happy and smile

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rhythm Poem

As I looked at the sky at night
I saw a bright light
        It was the moon
In this beautiful night of June

Extended Metaphor Poem

The moon is a nightlight
it’s light undarkens the night
Brightens the darkness
illuminates the world

Found Poem from Dr. Pausch's Last Lecture

Don’t complain
If you screw up
Preparation meets Opportunity
     Give yourself a chance
Teamwork and Sportsmanship
     You have to want it 
      Have your vision clear
            Have Fun
Show gratitude
Remember work harder it’s important

                   Never Give Up!

5 Sense Poem

Its hot, warm and wet
Summer smell like wet grass
Summer is sunny, bright, and colorful 
It has dark green grass 
That lay on every yard
and dark green leaves on tall trees

Summer sounds like cool water splashing when someone jumps in a pool
Sprinklers going off to irrigate the green grass
it also sounds like joy
joy from everyone

Summer tastes like ice cold pop
Creamy ice cream on these hot days

That is Summer!

Acrostic Poem

                                Faith in each other
                               And support each other
                               Move together physically and mentally
                                I care about my family
                                Love and care about one another

                               Youth and old create this special family

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

name poem

It means happy, fun, energetic
It is the  number 27
It is like a frosty, cool, aqua, turquoise color
It is going to the movies
It is the memory of Raquel
Who taught me friendship and honesty
When she trusts me
My name is Jackie
it means true friends stick together