Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration- Mrs. Morrow

                                       My Inspiration
    Mrs. Morrow

I know Katie Morrow as an English teacher, technology wizard, and a volleyball coach. She is inspirational to me in many different ways. You might be thinking what is so inspirational about an English teacher, well you might want to read the following paragraphs and find out.

Katie Morrow has two sides her personal and professional side. Her personal side is amazing. As I sat down with Katie, she told me about growing up in the small town of O’Neill, Nebraska. She told me that her parents encouraged her to go to college and do something she likes and not to think about making a lot of money. Mrs. Morrow had the idea of being a teacher and the dream of teaching in exotic places around the world, but what really happened is that she stayed to teach in O’Neill. If you compare the small town of O’Neill to the exotic places Mrs. Morrow wanted to teach its not the same thing, but she says that now she realizes that O’Neill is a safe town for her kids to grow up. This is just a tiny bit of what her personal life.

Mrs. Morrow’s professional life is even more amazing because she gets to do what she loves teach and be around computers. She has been teaching at OHS for 14 years. O’Neill was one of the first schools to go 1on1 and Katie thought it would be a great experience giving 7-12 graders a laptop for new experiences. We all know that when there’s a new idea there are people that will laugh and think that it’s a dumb idea, but Mrs. Morrow thought we should “Dare to be the first to try.” I personally think that the laptop idea was a very good one, it has been a great experience this year with my MacBook. Katie told me how she sees things differently now then when she was a student. Now she realizes the difference between just finding the answer to a question referring to when she was a student, then knowing how to find the answer to a question referring to now that she is a teacher. Coach Morrow coaches volleyball for eighth grade girls at OHS, and as I talked to her she explained how sometimes she can tell where a student feels more comfortable either in the classroom or the court. “Sometimes you need to give people second changes,” is something Mrs. Morrow said and I thought it was a good inspirational saying. Mrs. Morrow was super excited when I asked her this question, “What do think of when you hear the word technology?” She said that technology was like another world with new and exciting places and things to explore and see. And that technology is very important now and for the future because it will lead us to discover new mysteries that we have not discovered. I was surprised with this response because if you ask me that question I would have said, iPods, computers, internet, etc. You might already know this but, Mrs. Morrow loves computer but not just because of it’s physical appearance, but what you do with the computer like creating new things. Mrs. Morrow told me that one of the most important things she has done in her life is work with Apple. She has gotten to travel to different countries around the world like Italy and Mexico. She said that her family, presentation skills, and her role at OHS is what she is most proud of.

Mrs. Morrow inspires me mostly because of her technology part, I think technology is very important and I really like it. I like learning new ways to use technology, and Mrs. Morrow has shown me many different ways to use the applications on my computer for my projects. Traveling is something else I like to do and working with Apple has given Mrs. Morrow many opportunities to travel around the world. Another thing about Mrs.Morrow is that she gives people second changes like in volleyball and in the classroom. These are some of the many things that inspire me about Mrs. Morrow.

With this project I think I got to know Mrs. Morrow better. I learned so much about her that I didn’t even know! I want to thank my English teachers for letting us do this project because if they hadn’t I would of never heard these words of advice “Dare to try,” “Dare to dream,” and “Dare to be the first to try.” I will certainly use these words to motivate myself to try something new. Katie Morrow you are a big inspiration to me.

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  1. That's really good, Jackie!!! You not only told about Mrs. Morrow's professional life, but a personal view on her life.